Big Red Bus and Shopping

A quick update for today. We rode the Big Red Bus. We saw lots of the Shanghai city. Then we went to the market under the Science and Technology Museum. The kids are very good at bargaining now- they drove a hard deal!!! We are waiting to go to the circus now. We’ve topped up our energy with some Starbucks- the kids are excited about that.
– Miss E







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  1. Some great photo’s already, its great to see your all having such a great experience. Can’t wait to see more photo’s and hear more stories soon.

  2. Hey everyone,
    Looks like your having an amazing time over there. Happy B’day Miss Eastley. Miss you guys lots. Cant wait till’ you get home. We have had a good start to the week. Thanks
    -Georgia and Jazy

  3. Glad you all arrived safely. I was thinking of you as I was shifting boxing moving into my new home. Jealous as can be.
    Now come on… you have to try out the local cultural food…. Starbucks indeed???
    Have you found a vending machine with hot coffee in a can?? or hot tea in a can??

    Happy Birthday Rebecca!!!! Fabulous to be celebrated with all the kids. ??

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