Day 3 and 4

Today we got up and got ready for another big day. First we went on the big red bus which went around Shanghai and told you information about Shanghai. Then we went to the market place. I got some good prices but still needed a little bit of miss Eastley’s help but I think I got some good prices I brought a lot of things that I think will be great gifts. On the way to and from the market Callum, Molly , Caleb and myself stood in the carriage divider and pretended we were surfing and from then on we called ourself’s “the surf family”. After the shopping we went to the hotel and put away all our gifts. Then we headed off for the circus were we watched amazing groups like the bendy backs, the I need a clap guy and the cage of please stop beeping your horn. The bendy backs were a flexible group of girl and I found that I didn’t like their performance because it was too unnatural. The I need a clap guy was a strong man who did tricks with pots and after every trick he would want us to clap. The cage of please stop beeping your horn is a big dome cage and 8 people on motorbikes went in at the same time and they beeped their horn which was annoying. Day 4. Today we got up at 6:30 and got dressed to go to the mall because there would be sword fighting and cool dancing down there. Later on the day we went to the planning museum and it had a big structure of the whole of Shanghai then unfortunately a young boy fell onto the structure and broke some of it the boy was fine. Later we went to the markets a brought a little more things. The. We went on a fairy down the river.

Circus group names created by me ( not the real performance names )


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  1. Wish Miss Eastley a Happy Birthday For Me. Hope You Are Having a Good Time In China. I Miss You So So So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mikayla Lock

  2. Hi guys glad to hear you are having lots of fun. we cant wait to see all the picture’s you put up. And happy birthday Miss E. Cant wait until you guys come home we miss you all ready.

  3. Sounds like you’re having a blast of a time! We have been reading your blogs this morning and we are all pretty jealous of you all. We have some requests for you to teach us bartering lessons when you arrive back. We will be reading your posts each morning. Keep having fun! Grade 4/5T

  4. Happy birthday Bec hope you are having a wonderful time. What an amazing birthday experience, go Team China! Go team SPECI! from Sandy

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