Yesterday we left Shanghai on a bus to head to Suzhou. We had quite a relaxed morning packing up our rooms, travelling on the bus and settling into our hotel at Suzhou. Then we travelled to Tiger Hill on the bus. Tiger Hill was beautiful and we learnt a lot about the history of Suzhou there. Then we went out to a beautiful restaurant by the lake in Suzhou. We had a banquet dinner. There were some yummy dishes like sweet and sour pork and some more ‘interesting’ dishes such as a bowl with a chicken broth that had a whole (and I mean WHOLE) chicken floating in it. The kids sampled delights such as chicken feet, chicken head and fish eyes…….
Having some connectivity issues so don’t panic if there are less blog posts in the next few days- will update more when we return to Shanghai.
-Miss E
P.S. Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes!!











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    • Hey kobe i spoke to Callum last night, he did eat a chicken foot, the cone off a chicken head, he also tried a fish eye, he didnt like that and had to spit it out☺

  1. Sounds extremely interesting. Thanks for the great updates each day. We are wanting to know a more detailed description of the taste of the chicken feet/head etc. Did anyone keep it down? More importantly, did Miss Eastley try any of these delights?

    • Miss E didn’t get a chance to taste all of those things unfortunately. She did have some lovely sweet and sour pork though!!

  2. Hi Speci crew,

    We are wondering if the whole chicken still had its feathers, head and beak in or not? Was it tasty? Did the eyeballs taste nice?

  3. I can’t believe you’re all tasting those dishes!!!! Mrs. E will have to try a few different menu options in the canteen. You all look very bright & colorful in your purple tops. You are sending wonderful pictures and commentaries. It’s great to see & hear about what you are doing – Thanks.
    Happy birthday Bec.

  4. Are you enjoying your trip so far. Is Suzhou fun? How was the Dumplings? Are you making new friends.What is their culture like.We hope you liked the circus.
    From Charlotte and Tahlia.

  5. great to hear that your making your china experience worth it and trying everything. im really starting to miss you cuzz cant wait until you come back. one thing im not looking for is when you get back you will be the biggest chatter box.

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