Day 7

Today we went to xinghai primary school again and we spent more time in the classrooms we stayed there until lunch and in that time we spent time in Tina’s classroom and tried rice dumping which is sticky rice rapped in bamboo and we also tried the sugar water tasting fruits again. My favourite food was the rice dumplings for sure the rest weren’t that nice. Later on we spent time in a dance class and learnt a dance then we watched the students do the little pieces we learnt in one big dance. When we did the stretches they all did the splits so I tried and failed. After dance class we went and looked at the theatre we stood on the stage and did the little dance we learnt or at least I did. I’m glad there was only our group there. We had lunch at the school I had a lot of rice. After going to xinghai primary we went and chilled out at the hotel. After chilling we went to old street and went on a boat in the canal and went to old street and went shopping and had Starbucks. For tea we had another tea where they put the food on a spinner and you pick what you want I had rice and the sauce from the fish. We watched some people eat fish eye eww! At dinner the most interesting thing was the black mushroom.


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  1. Was impressed with your dance technique in the video. Glad to see you are still being adventurous with the foods you are tasting. Am worried about all this Starbucks – will you be having withdrawals when you get home?

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