Day 7: Luke

image imageDay 7 another really great day. I went to Daizong’s house, my host student I went out for dinner with his family. I went on a scooter with his dad. It was lovely to catch up with the whole family. We also went to Golden Square’s sister school. We also enjoyed some pizza and Chinese food. After lunch we went on a boat cruise along a canal. This canal was in front of a town called “water town” it was pouring with rain and there was thunder. I screamed, like usual After that we went to a restaurant and had dinner,
We have another big day tomorrow.
Great fun!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Although it was wet it didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm at all. What a treat to catch up with Daizong and his family Luke. Daizong has grown about 20cm since we last saw him in Bendigo. His family are so friendly and kind and spoke so enthusiastically about Daizong’s time in Bendigo and with your family. It is clear that you are having the best time and that you thoroughly enjoy The variety of Chinese food and every activity. 2 days to go and so much more to do! Mrs Craig

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