Day 6 Charlotte

image imageDay 6
Today we went to a school in Suzhou. We saw some students doing some exercising.
Then we went to a room with lots of fossils. After that we went to the art room and did some drawing, and we actually joint in a lesson with a class. What we had for lunch was pizza, I think is from Pizza Hut. There was Chinese Food on offer too.Tonight we went to a restaurant that was named after ancient Suzhou. The food was so delicious. Luke went to Daizong’s for a sleepover. The children at the school were very kind. The school 2,000 students, it felt huge compared to SPECI.


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  1. It was nice to see you last night, Charlotte. You look and sound like you’re having the best time! Only a couple of days to go, make the most of every minute, you’ll be back here before you know it. Enjoy your last few days in China -Kate x

  2. Looks and sounds like you guys are having some really amazing food!! I am super jealous!! I’m so proud of you really embracing this amazing experience.. Xx

  3. Food looks delicious. What a wonderful experience. You all look like you have the hang of travelling to another country and making the most of it

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