Day 7 Charlotte

Day 7
Today we went to the primary school again and it was our last day. We got a gift and it was a purse ( or wallet), mine purse is pink. Today we went to a place called Watertown. It was pouring down rain. I am missing specimen hill a lot. I am also missing my family and friends. Tonight we went to a Chinese restaurant again and the food was so yum. It has been a lot of fun.image image


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  1. Charlotte you are certainly getting involved in every activity. Even though it was raining today at Tongli (water town) it didn’t top us all enjoying the gondola ride and a look at the World heritage Chinese gardens? They are amazing. Very little shopping today Charlotte but I know that you are saving yourself for a return to the Science Tech markets in Shanghai. All of those last minute gifts will be on the agenda. It is wonderful to see you enjoying the wide variety of food Charlotte, so different to normal Aussie food. Not long to go now, 2 last days in Shanghai. Mrs Craig

  2. Looks great. Rain and all.. Glad your having a great time honey. Only a couple more days and I have you back!!! Yay!!!!! Love you xxx

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