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  1. Zinnia, You Rock! Dad and I think you are such a brave and courageous girl for taking on this adventure. We know you are a little nervous, but don’t let that stop you from getting the most out of everyday your in China.

    We know Speci Hill Team China are all great kids and you will all have each other to lean on while your away.

    Happy Travels love Mum and Dad xoxo

  2. It’ll be a blast Zin! Experience as much as you can as you might never get another fabulous opportunity like this one. Good luck!

  3. Zinnia, how exciting not long to go now until your dream comes true …. travelling to China, seeing and doing new things and best of all staying with Rachel and meeting her family. Zinnia you rock! Have fun, take care of each other while you are away and bring home 1,000 stories and 2 million photos. Can’t waitvto hear all about the trip Evie xxxx

  4. Zin you have a wonderful time. You will see and do amazing things and have an experience the rest of us can only dream about. You are one lucky young lady.
    Have the best time ever. We will follow your blog.
    Aunty Sandy

  5. Hi Zinnia, hope you have a great time in China. Remember, the first step you take is the most important, but every one after is for you to enjoy….
    Just have fun xx Kevie

  6. 1 MORE SLEEP! Zinnia how excited you must be feeling right now just one more sleep till you fly off to China … see you tomorrow poking forward to seeing you before you and team Chiba take off ✈️❤️ Evie xxx

  7. Hi Zinnia. Wow you are actually in China. What a great experience. Have a great time wherever you go. Enjoy every moment. Lesley and Doug

  8. Hi Zin, It looks like you are experiencing lots of things and culture and having fun. We wish you a great time in China. Don’t try to bring back too many fishing lures for your dad, I hear there is no room in his shed. Auntie Wendy, Uncle Russ and Cassandra think you are growing up so fast. Well done Zin. xxxooo

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