Departure Day!

Here we are at the airport ready to depart. We are all so excited. We had a LOVELY dinner at Hungry Jacks….

We will update you all more when we arrive in Beijing. 


on “Departure Day!
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  1. Mmm hungry jacks for tea!
    Girls you all look so happy. Have a great flight! The big day has arrived enjoy every moment of this amazing trip! Hope you all get some sleep on the plane.
    Love you Charli xoxoxo

  2. You all look so happy girls. I hope the flight is nice and relaxing and you all get some sleep. Especially you miss Lindsay j, sleep kid you won’t miss out on anything . Stay safe and stick together girls xxx.

  3. Well done girls, you all look so happy and ready for the adventure of a life time. Totally enjoy your flight and get lots of sleep because tomorrow is going to be Awesome…… take care Lin & Geordie

    PS Zinnia Aunty Eve is glued to the flight tracker and driving us crazy with 5 minute updates…

  4. Hey girls,

    loving your tram driving skills … just don’t be tempted to have a go at driving the plane ✈️ ….. looking forward to first China post .

    Happy travels Evie xx

  5. We c u have arrived ,n early too. Trust u all got some sleep, have a great time. Love to Charli S. Granny n Grumpy.

  6. Hi Mrs Kinsman and girls,
    I am thinking you will be looking forward to your bed tonight. A big day tomorrow. Great Wall of China. I am on leave from tomorrow. I am going to Bali for a family wedding. So I am hoping I can follow you all on the blog. Hoping your families are coping without you.
    Mrs Jackson

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