Our first day in China

We arrived bright and early in Beijing today and it has been non stop. We visited the Forbidden City, had lunch at a local restaurant, did Chinese paper cutting with a local family, rode on a rickshaw, had a yummy dinner and had a look around the market. A very busy day but we are loving it!



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  1. Wow what a first day! The weather looks amazing!!! Great pics’ so glad you have the queen of selfies and travel pics with you! Xx

  2. Hi Girls and Mrs K, well I’m thinking that you didn’t get much sleep on the plane? Looking tired, happy, amazed and excited all rolled into one. Loving the photos and it looks like summer there so soak up the heat while you can. Thanks for sharing your AMAZING first day and keep the photos rolling in. Cute pic of rickshaw ride and puppy …. big smooch from Auntie Evie and Kev for Zinnia. Xxx

  3. Great photo’s, you guys certainly packed it in today. Well done Zinnia for trying new stuff. Very glad to hear from you last night and that you are all going great guns. Have an awesome day today. Can’t wait to see what you get up too! Giant hugs mum and dad.

  4. Looks like a very busy first day! Great to see all those smiles (considering the long flight). I’m sure you all had a big rest and are ready to tackle day 2!

    Big hugs, Lars! Love you!

  5. Wow! Looks awesome guys!
    Ooh! Paper cutting 🙂 – can’t wait to hear stories La la!
    Great to see the pics 😀
    Lots of love x

  6. Hi Girls.
    The photos look amazing. We hope you have a great time. We can’t wait to see more of your amazing adventures.
    From 3/4 P

  7. Hellooooo Mrs Kinsman and happy travellers,

    Soooo busy already! Looking forward to more fabulous stories next week.We are missing you but are excited to see where your travels take you to next!
    love your awesome 3/4’s back in Bendigo x

  8. Looks like yous all had a fabulous time on your first day. hope yous slept well.
    Today was my last day at speci so I won’t be there to say hi but hope yous enjoy self.

    bye team china & Mrs K i am looking forward to moving and hearing all about your wonderful times on the blog.
    All the best Nicola-Jay.

  9. Hi I will miss you all very much and i hope you arrve safly back at speci because Nicola and I will NOT be at spcei any more so good bye.

  10. Hi Zin,
    What an amazing adventure you are on. Keep posting photos we want to see all the fun and interesting places you visit.
    Aunty Sandy

  11. Hi Linds, I’m glad you’re having a great time in China, bad luck about you flight to Shanghai being canceled, I hope you still get to see the Pearl Tower? I hear you ate some Daffy Duck and you liked him? Don’t eat Sylvester or try any hot dogs!!! Keep having fun champion, kick butt!
    Love from Linc

  12. Looks awesome guys! Hope you are having a fabulous time. Look forward to speaking to you on Tuesday morning.

    The classroom is so quiet, it is amazing! 😉

    Mr Polglase

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