Day 2

Wow, what a busy day we had.
We went to the Great Wall of China in the morning. We took chairlifts up to the wall, which was a bit spooky.
It was amazing on the wall and we couldn’t believe we were there.
We had Peking duck for lunch and it was so yummy and we all loved it. We even got to toboggan down from the Great Wall once we had finished.
Unfortunately it was pretty wet in Shanghai so our flight got cancelled so we stayed another night in Beijing and will fly out tomorrow.


on “Day 2
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  1. Hey Team China – WOW what a day you’ve had on the Great Wall … and Duck for lunch. the photos look great and the country-side so green. The view from the chair-lift must have been amazing and the go-cart ride super fast and super fun. Keep on having an amazing time and enjoy your flight to Shanghai xxxx Auntie Evie and KEV xxxxx

  2. The wall looks just amazing. So glad you got a chance to see it.
    I’m loving how these sneaky dog pics keep showing up!
    The food looks good. So glad your trying new things too Charli!!
    Safe flight today to Shanghai today how the weather is better!

  3. High Guys, Totally amazing views. I am very proud of you girls for hopping on the chair lifts and the toboggan, Zinnia amazing girlo! Lunch looks totally awesome I hope you got the recipes!!!! Have a great flight to Shanghai and can’t wait for the next installment. Have a great night at the circus tonight. love mum xoxox

  4. hi girls the great wall looks terrific what view zin iam so proud of you for trying new things keep enjoying every thing love nan

  5. Fantastic photos mrs k. Your doing an amazing job keeping up with everything and taking all the great snap shots. Miss Lindsay Jordyn we’re is your hat kid????? Looks like your having the best time ever girls. Just not too much I want you to come all in one piece xxxxxxx. Hope you’s get make pearl tower.

  6. So jealous! The wall looks amazing, what an incredible part of the world to spend time in… looking forward to seeing all your photos Lara. Did anyone sneak some photos coming down on the toboggan?! That looks like it would have been fun 🙂

  7. Seeing the Great Wall of China is on many peoples “bucket lists” and you have been lucky enough to see at such a young age!! Loving all the photos. I’ve included some in the newsletter today.
    Safe travels and ENJOY!!

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