Day 3

Yay! We are finally in Shanghai!!

Our flight left for Shanghai at 11:30 so it was around 3pm that we arrived to our hotel.

An exciting part of our morning (for Mrs K at least) was finding Starbucks. A few of the girls had a yummy treat there too.

After arriving in Shanghai, we drove to our hotel in the bus. We had a competition to see who could see the Pearl Tower first. Although it was smoggy, Mrs K won and spotted it first.

We settled in to our rooms for a little while. We then rode the MET train for the first time- so busy but so much fun!

We ate dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant, although we did need to turn our pizza order into a takeaway order because it took a little while to come out. As we frantically ate our pizza, we walked to the Shanghai Circus. The Circus was incredible with so many talented acrobats, gymnasts and stunt people. We won’t give away any of the secrets but we each purchased a DVD of the performance as a momento.

Before returning to our hotel, we randomly joined in with a big group of local people dancing and singing on the side of the road. Our whole travelling group joined in, singing and dancing along with them. The kids were a giant hit with the local people. Mrs K caught it all on tape- a memory to cherish (or to keep for when we all need a little giggle)  😉

A busy but exciting day. We are looking forward to spending a bit of money at the markets tomorrow before heading to Suzhou in the afternoon. We will visit the Pearl Tower and the Bund River area when we return to Shanghai after our stay in Suzhou.

Missing everyone back home, thank you for all of your comments. We are reading them all and they are making us really happy. 


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  1. Sounds like a busy amazing day!!! Can’t wait to watch the circus DVD and see the dancing! Glad Starbucks was finally found lol. Hey Char what kind of pizza did you have???
    Have a great day today shopping!!!

  2. Hey team China … wow what a day … glad you made it to Shanghai and got your much wanted coffee and Unicorn Frappe’s! Can’t wait to hear more about the circus and the MET ride. “Girls you all look like your having fun” which is awesome! Happy travels xxxx Auntie Evie and KEV xxxx

  3. Well I hope the unicorn frappe was everything you thought it would be, Zin. You all look like your having too much fun….Mrs K you are doing an awesome job. Have fun shopping girls…

  4. hi girls it looks like you all enjoyed starbucks cannot wait toohear about the met ride and the circus continue enjoy it all zin I hope starbucks was all you were hopeing it was zin great photos bec thankyou love nan

  5. It’s on backwards but at least you’ve got your hat on linds xxx. Sounds like you guys are Having so much fun!! Enjoy shopping today linds. Buy me an awesome present kiddo. Everyone is missing you honey.

  6. Hi Speci Hill sightseers, love the sound of the flash mob dance,can’t wait to see that !
    You would love that Linds.
    Miss you heaps, can’t wait to hear about your adventures.
    Love from Nanny and Mark

  7. Looks like you are having an amazing time Lindsay. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you return. I’m very surprised and proud to hear you are trying some food. Keep safe kiddo! Love Aunty Min x

  8. Hey girls it looks like you are having a lot of fun, we all hope you have am amazing time, but make sure you bring us back a suvonier

  9. Hey girls it looks like you are having sooooo much fun, we all hope you did, we hope you have the best time and enjoy yourselfs!
    from Breanna

    ps: bring back a suvonier

  10. hi girls keep on having fun zin it was great seeing and speaking with you lastnighto see how happy you are and enjoying yourself so much keep on enjoying girls you to bec love nan

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