Day 4

Today we went shopping at the market underneath the Science and Technology Museum. We bargained for lots of great things there including chopsticks, scarves, Chinese knots, bags, fishing lures, phone accessories etc. It took a little while to get used to having to bargain for our shopping but the girls got the hang of it and were very tough customers by the end!
We then went for walk down to the mall in the middle of Shanghai city. Charli started a huge crowd dance session by joining in with one lady who was dancing to some music. All of a sudden all the other kids joined in and lots of Chinese people did too. The kids even taught them how to do the ‘floss’ dance move!
The mall was incredibly busy but so great! We went to a Chinese food market where they sold lots of dried fruits, meat, sweet treats and even individually wrapped pieces of seafood (preserved in plastic- not refrigerated!)
On the way back to the hotel some of us got a bubble waffle ice cream cone! Delicious!!!!
We then made our way to Suzhou by bus. We ate a beautiful Chinese dinner at a restaurant (lots of dumplings and duck pancakes). We checked into our very luxurious hotel and we are excited to call it home for the next 4 nights.
Missing everyone back home! Hello to the kids and teachers at Speci if they are reading this at assembly!!



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  1. Go girls,so cool Charli,hope that was caught on film too.
    Linds, I am sure you have mastered the art of bargaining.
    So impressed that you are trying new foods, textures and tastes.
    Soak up every fantastic minute of this exciting experience.
    Love ya little darlin, Nanny xx

  2. Hi guys, sounds like you have had another great day. you girls are busting the moves all over China! Lots of fun. Zin you were so happy last night and it sounds like you had a great time shopping. well done for being very adventurous and trying so many new things.

    Lots of hugs and kisses for you, and a giant hug to Rachel when you catch up.

    Love mum and dad xoxox

  3. Hey Team China, look out Bendigo when you get back you’ll be bargaining all over town … great to hear you got some shopping in, the dancing sounded like good fun too. You guys have been so busy how Mrs K has kept up with you all I’ll never know! Keep on enjoying this adventure girls from here in Melbourne it all sounds amazing. To Zinnia “you rock” enjoy your day at Tongli floating around the canals and no doubt enjoying another awesome lunch. kisses Auntie Evie and Kev xxxxx

  4. Hello team China girls I hope you are haveing a fabulous time over there, can I please ask a question? How did the duck pancake taste? Anyway talk later.

  5. It looks like you are having lots of fun and you are enjoying China and I can’t believe you taught them how to FLOSS anyway I see you tried out bargaining and it looked as if it worked, good job!

    Miss you lots

    P.S. you should show them the DAB

  6. Hello team China girls I hope you are haveing a fabulous time over there, can I please ask a question? How did the duck pancake taste? What is your favourite thing you have done so far in China. Anyway talk later.

  7. Everything sounds amazing! Lots and lots of fun by the sounds of things, but plenty of amazing cultural experiences to learn about too. Keep having fun… and dancing too obviously.

    We can’t wait to speak to all of you tomorrow morning.

    Mr Polglase

  8. hey its sophie! hope u guys are having the time of your lives!! cant wait to see all of yous again, have a safe trip home and dont get lost in china… lol

  9. hello please please please buy me something maybe a phone? or a watch? or um a statue of me and can it be made of gold? Thanks and bye


  10. Looks like you are having an AWESOME time Lars. So jealous you have got to the Great Wall before me ha ha.
    What a fantastic time you must be having with so many new experiences and foods.
    Sooo looking forward to seeing all your pix
    lots of love Aunty Joady xoxoxxo

  11. the ice cream looks Delicious and Melbourne is not so bad made 2 nights and we’ve got the school we wanted Gladstone Views primary.
    Paige got the kinder we wanted. the area we are in is Coolaroo we are in
    25 Westmere Cresent. Its a lovely place here in Melbourne i love living here.

    Have a wonderful time hope yous enjoy being in china.

    From Nicola.

  12. Hello, Charli, Lara, Lindsay Zinnia and Mrs K,
    Your day in Shanghai City and Suzhou sounded so busy and amazing. It is so great to share these experiences you are having. The food looks so yummy. Do they have much healthy and fresh food to eat? I would’ve really liked to have seen a video of Charli teaching a crowd of dancers to “floss”.
    Have you visited any schools yet? I am sure they are quite different to ours.
    Keep having a great time,
    Ms B

  13. Looks fabulous guys!! Sophie Wild would love if you could please bring her back some waffle ice cream!

    Maggie Fitz says ‘hope you’re having a great time so far’.

    Deborah is very curious if anyone has tried eating DUCK FEET?!?!

    Great blog guys, keep the posts coming 🙂

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