Day 5

Today we visited Tongli Water Town, an ancient village on the canals. We went on a boat and explored the canals. We walked around some beautiful gardens there that belonged to some Number 1 scholars back in a dynasty a long time ago. It is now heritage listed. We had a really yummy lunch looking over the canals. Then we had free time and did ALOT of shopping. A favourite shop was a jewellery shop that sold lots of pearls. A few of us purchased an oyster which was then cut open. Some of them had over 20 pearls in them!!!

It was a wonderful day and we are feeling excited to visit our school tomorrow. We are also going to Skype with 5/6P in the morning.

Pics to come when the internet connection is better!


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  1. Hey there team China another amazing day girls …. loving the sound of the pearls there will be some lucky Mums I guess when you all get home…. Tongli sounds amazing how cool floating around all day on boats and sight seeing. Will be fun to catch up with your class tomorrow …. enjoy your day tomorrow and Zinnia our love to Rachel and her family when you catch up with them xxxxx Auntie Evie and KEV xxxxx

  2. Gorgeous photos Mrs K. It looks beautiful, it sounds like the pearl farm was a hit. Can’t wait to see your shopping! Have a great day at school tomorrow and love to Rachel and family. Love you Zin. Mum + Dad

  3. Pearls hey!!! Sounds fantastic!!! I hope you have a great day learning how school on the other side of the world works tomorrow. Take it all in and learn lots. I can’t wait to hear all about it, good luck with Kung-fu training and only 5 more sleeps till I see you boogie xxxx. Keep up all the good shopping kid it’s great.

  4. Hello Linds,
    Absolutely love seeing the beautiful faces of the girls ever day.
    Mrs K is doing such an outstanding job of keeping families updated ,and the photos are brilliant .It’s like we are all part of the trip too.
    Love ya Linds xxxx

  5. Hey Lara! This looks amazing! Sounds like it’s been a great experience so far. I look forward to hearing more about it as your trip goes on.

    Love, Tom

  6. Looks awesome guys!!

    I haven’t been at school since last Wednesday, so the class will check out your blog tomorrow! Keep the posts coming!!

    -Miss W x

  7. Tongli, my favourite! Looks like you’ve had a great time! Is that “Squirrel Fish” you’re eating? Love the Squirrel Fish!!!!

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