Day 6

Today we visited our Sister School: Xing Hai Primary School in Suzhou. We were greeted at the school by some teachers and students, including Tina who was a teacher that came to our school a few years ago and Rachel  who stayed with Zinnia’s family last year. It was wonderful to be greeted with such happy and welcoming faces. We then met the Principal, Mr Hong. He explained many things about Xing Hai to us and we exchanged gifts with him and the school. We received a beautiful piece of art from one of the students at the school- you can look out for it hanging somewhere in our school when we return. We were then given a tour around the school, some highlights including the school library, reward ‘supermarket’, gym and playground. We watched a music lesson which was just wonderful, the students were very talented. We then went into Tina and Rachel’s Grade 5 classroom where we sat in on a Maths class (where they were learning formulas for calculating the circumference, radius and diameter of a circle) and a Chinese lesson. We then ate lunch in a private dining room in the school canteen. It was very funny because one of the teachers pointed out that we were all using chopsticks and the Chinese staff were using their spoons!!! Opposite Day!

When we returned to the hotel, Zinnia was picked up by Rachel’s family for a 2 night homestay. They spent the afternoon exploring the market and went out for a very yummy dinner.

Lara, Lindsay and Charli attended a lesson with a kung fu master and I’m sure they will be very willing to give a demonstration during a school assembly because they were enjoying showing off their newly acquired skills. They then visited the Humble Administrators Gardens in Suzhou. For dinner, we ate at a Japanese restaurant. The highlights were the sushi, fried chicken, dumplings and the prawns.

Tomorrow we look forward to visiting Xing Hai Primary School again and then visiting more of Suzhou in the afternoon.

Missing you all at home.



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  1. What a busy amazing day. Nice balance there Charli in Kung Fu! Love the pic of Charli and Lara on the bar. The faces on the kids behind say exactly what I was thinking lol. I’m sure char you’ll be way taller than me when you get home!! Enjoy your day today. Hope Zin you are having fun with Rach.

  2. Mornin Linds and all,WOW,you are packing so much into your exciting trip.
    Hope you are all writing in your diaries so you remember when, where and what.
    So thrilling !!
    Cant wait till you and mum are driving back up the Calder to see us all again.
    Love you lots, Nanny xx

  3. Hi girls, hope you enjoyed your time at school. What a great time your having. Can’t wait to hear all your news and see those photos…zin your doing a great job kiddo. Love mum

  4. A very full itinerary for your trip. Congratulations to Zinnia on going for a homestay!! nothing like experience the true local culture.

  5. Hi everyone – I am loving reading what you are doing each day – what a fabulous time you are having – I especially like the description of the food that sounds really yummy! You will have to give us all a chopstick lesson. How are you coping with Chinese toilets or do you use a “western” style toilet?
    Mrs. Blackley

  6. hi girls looks like you are enjoying being back in school haha zin enjoy your stay with rach cont5inue enjoying it all zin looking forword to hearing all about love nan

  7. Lara & Charli that photo on the bar is cracking me up! Love it!
    So glad to hear you’re all still having fun and enjoying each day. Must be great to meet so many kids and hang out in a Chinese classroom with them.
    Thanks so much for all the great photos Mrs K, awesome to see 🙂

  8. Hopefully you can teach us some Kung Fu moves when you are back! We are all very jealous of your trip, the photos and stories look amazing.

    Bye for now

    Miss W and class :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. Hey Zinnia what a trip! glad you are catching up with Rachel and her family … such a privilege to experience home life in China first hand. School looks like fun I hope you can communicate well with the Chinese students there is so much you can learn from each other. Enjoy your last few days and remember to get shopping and buy something special for yourself to remember this amazing trip. Love you Zinnia see ya Saturday for that meat pie xxxxxx

  10. reading everyday of your trip is lovely and to see you all have fun is a wonderful thing hope you enjoy the rest of you trip. Mrs K you take photos at a perfect angle.

    bye at the moment.

  11. Must be great to meet so many kids and hang out in a Chinese classroom with them.
    I wish I could do that I even wish I came with you china seems amazing.

  12. WOW,you are packing so much into your exciting trip.
    Hope you are all writing in your diaries so you remember when, where and what.
    So thrilling!!Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and don’t forget photos.

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