Day 7

Today we visited our Sister School again. We attended Art and PE class and then a smal part of a computer coding class. We also handed out our gifts and the students were so excited.

After that we visited the Silk Museum. We learned about how silk is made from the cocoon of a silk worm. We saw the machines in work extracting the silk from the cocoon. Some of us purchased some beautiful silk gifts.

We then visisted Tiger Hill. We walked up the hill and then looked down on the Sword Pond where a secret entrance was found to a tomb. We also saw a huge leaning pagoda.

Then we visited Shangtang Old Street for a small bit of shopping. It was very busy but there were a lot of great things to buy.

Zinnia spent the afternoon and night with Rachel again. They went ice skating and enjoyed a lovey meal together.


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  1. How fascinating to see how silk is made,something we have never seen ,makes one appreciate how expensive silk is . Thanks for sharing with us

  2. What another fantastic day!! Some beautiful pics of the buildings etc! I’m so happy that you’ve got to see so many different things

  3. Wow they are just fantastic photos mrs k. It’s feels like I have really been on this trip with you all. I have missed linds like crazy but because of all your updates on the blog I feel like she hasn’t even been too far away from me at all. Thanks from all my family xxxxxx.

  4. Wow Lara! Looks like you are seeing some amazing things! So many stories to tell I am sure 😀 I can’t believe there were 20 pearls in an oyster – Wow! Sounds awesome.

    Love Bays

  5. hey girls it looks like the sister school you enjoyed it, theres just one question though, does the sister school dovthe same things as us or different?

  6. Fantastic photos girls, your trip looks amazing. Its great you have seen so many great places and people, and you have fully embraced all your experiences.

    Have a fantastic final day and i gope you have a safe flight home. Your classroom has been pretty quiet without you all here, I’m sure Mr Polglaise will be excited having you all back.

  7. Wow! Mrs Ball would have been in here element with all of those silk worms Mrs K!!!??? Soooo many amazing photos and incredible experiences. I can’t wait to see you all next week and hear all about it. Save travels on the way home and try to catch up on some sleep over the weekend! You too Mrs K.

    Mr Polglase

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALL THE WAY FROM AUUUSSSSTTRRRAAALLLIIIIAAAAAAAAAA MRS. K!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!! The kids are excited about your birthday they can barely contain themselves and are constantly asking about you. They were quick to believe me when I told them you were 35, which is a little concerning. Kaiden is wondering how the silk worms felt to touch? Were they slimy or rough or sticky or hard etc? More importantly, how much silk are you bringing back for us to sell and become millionaires with? 😉 Bye for now.

    From Miss W and Class :):):):):):):):):):)

  9. Hello Speci Team China,

    Well today you will be all making your way back to Australia – I hope you have made the most of your last day in Shanghai.

    I wanted to congratulate you all on taking up the challenge of travelling to China at such as young age and for approaching each day with great gusto!

    To Zinnia, Lindsay, Lara and Charli – well done you are all amazing ambassadors for your School and your community … you have no idea how many family members and friends are awaiting your return and to hear first hand about your trip.

    To Mrs K thank you for the blog posts and photos – we have enjoyed reading them as they have come through.

    Zinnia, your meat pies are in the oven as I type – along with the tomato sauce! As per your request.

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow after Mum and Dad collect you from the Airport!

    Happy and safe travels home!

    Aunty Evie xoxoxox

  10. Hi Mrs K and china Happy Birthday For The 1st Of June Mrs K!!!!

    Hope You Had Fun.!!

    At Gladstone Views i have made 4 friends their names are Alicia which is pronounced as Alisha, Hope, Ella + Sarah, which is pronounced as Sara. My teacher Miss Vance is really lovely and our specialists are Italian, P.E, Scart + Performing Arts.

    Scarts is Science and Art together.
    Performing Arts is Music basically dancing and Singing.


    From Nicola.

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